What size is A8 in clothing?

What size is A8 in clothing?


Size A0 A8
Bust (cm) 81 91
Waist (cm) 65 75
Hips (cm) 90 100

How do you cancel Jessica London rewards?

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How do I cancel my Jessica London order?

Give us a call at (800) 677-0357.

How do I know my clothes size?

How to Determine Your Dress Size

  1. Measure your bust. You’ll need to measure the fullest part of your bust to get the proper measurement.
  2. Measure your waist. Bend to one side (doesn’t matter which) and find your waist’s natural crease.
  3. Measure your hips. Stand with your feet together.
  4. Look at a size chart.
  5. Convert numbers to letters for sizing.

What are standard clothing sizes?


5’5″–5’9″ (165–175 cm) tall, average bust, average back
Dimension/size 4 16
Bust 32-34 41
Waist 22-24½ 33
Hip 33-35½ 44

What size dress am I if I wear a medium?

What dress size is a medium? Sizing varies from brand to brand and by country. Some stores will consider a medium to be a size 8, while others around size 10 to 12. As an average, a medium is likely to be around a size 10.

Is dress size same as pants size?

Wedding dress sizes are NOT the same as regular dress sizes! Designers use their own charts to determine sizes instead of the standard ones, which means you’re probably going to end up wearing a larger size than you usually do.

Is your pants size the same as your skirt size?

Pants are usually an 8. Skirts that just have to fit the waist (like an a-line) can go down to a 4. Dress size is pretty much always one smaller than my pants size.

Should you size up or down in skirts?

When we wear a pencil skirt, we should feel a gentle hugging of fabric around our thighs and backside. If, when you put on the skirt, you see pull or stress marks across your thigh or crotch area, you need to size up. If you put the pencil skirt on and can twist the skirt on your body easily, you need to size down.

What size is 26 in womens skirts?

US Skirt Size Chart

00/0 (XS) 22-24 32-34
2 (XS) 24-25 33-34
4 (S) 26-27 34-36
6 (S) 27-28 36-37