What type of political system was set up by Lenin when he overthrew the Tsar Animal Farm?

What type of political system was set up by Lenin when he overthrew the Tsar Animal Farm?

After a series of rebellions, in October 1917, the Bolsheviks had had enough—they led a revolution and successfully overthrew the tsarist regime and set up the new government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, led by Lenin.

What do you think Sugarcandy Mountain is meant to symbolize?

More specifically, Sugarcandy Mountain represents Paradise or heaven, a place where, after a long life of toil and difficulty, the animals will live in ease and comfort. At least this is what Moses says, and he, as the previous answer has pointed out, is reviled by the pigs.

What is suspicious about the milk disappearing?

What is suspicious about the disappearance of the cow’s milk? How is this worrying for the future of the animals on the farm? They think that Napoleon took it. its worrying because the farm is already having equal problems.

Why do you think Moses the raven wants to encourage this belief?

Moses wants to encourage this belief so that the animals would work hard. The benefit it serves for Mr. Jones is now they are working hard in the harvest. Moses does this to make the animals work hard which is what they do, most of the animals don’t believe Moses because he tells Fales all the time they don’t believe.

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What are the main causes of the rebellion in Chapter 2?

The revolution started when Mr. Jones was too drunk to feed the animals or to milk the cows; due to Old Major’s rhetoric about the animals being better at running the farm than the humans, the animals revolted. This was not Jones’s first negligent offense–other farmers remarked that Jones’s farm was poorly run.

What does unalterable law mean?

This is why he makes this remark about the “unalterable law.” What he is saying is that nothing is really going to get much better or much worse. Trying to improve things, in other word, is futile so you may as well not get too excited about things one way or the other.