What was the first mail service?

What was the first mail service?

Rome. The first well-documented postal service was that of Rome. Organized at the time of Augustus Caesar (62 BCE – 14 CE), the service was called cursus publicus and was provided with light carriages (rhedæ) pulled by fast horses.

Is 1st class quicker than 2nd class?

There is no difference. It is an internal prioritisation system, meaning that if it is a busy day they will prioritise the first class post but on a standard day they might as well take it all.

Can you use 2 second class stamps instead of a first?

It will almost certainly work. A machine scans it for value (edit: the value of the stamps on the letter), checks weight and size, provided the value covers 1st class postage for the weight and size it will go first class. However, stamps also have phosphor bands which aid the machines to sort them properly.

What happens if you mail a package without enough postage?

Anything that gets rejected for postage will be handled manually, and if they are missing enough postage they will usually be sent back to the sender, though occasionally they will be delivered “postage due” meaning the recipient has to make up the missing amount if they want to receive the letter.

Can you resend a package that was returned to sender?

If the Post Office put a label on the package as return to sender -Undeliverable,then you can research the mailing address for errors. If the address is correct – You can have the post office resend the package out again and it will not cost you. The postal clerk just shakes her head and says it will go out again.

What happens if you enter the wrong weight on a shipping label?

What happen if I enter the wrong weight of an item when purchase shipping label? If you underpaid the postage and the USPS notices the error while the package is still in your region, it will be returned to you for additional postage. If the package is farther along, it will be delivered to your buyer with Postage Due.