What was the most popular 1950s doll?

What was the most popular 1950s doll?

1950-1959: Most Popular Toys

  • 1950: Fisher-Price Little People.
  • 1951: Colorforms.
  • 1952: Mr. Potato Head.
  • 1953: Matchbox Cars.
  • 1954: Flying Saucers (aka Frisbees)
  • 1955: Gumby.
  • 1956: Play-Doh.
  • 1957: Silly Putty.

Are Ginny dolls valuable?

According to Carchedi, an original hard plastic Ginny doll that sold for $3.95 in the 1950s can today command as much as $250, depending on the condition and model.

How much is a Toni doll worth?

Toni dolls with the original clothing, permanent wave and box are sought after by collectors. Your doll would probably be worth about $300 to $350.

Are Madame Alexander dolls from Mcdonald’s worth anything?

MADAME ALEXANDER DOLLS // MORE THAN $80 Full-size Madame Alexander dolls are hot items among collectors—vintage dolls in good condition can sell for well over $1000. The Happy Meal-sized versions aren’t worth quite as much, but they’re still a decent return on the price of a Happy Meal.

How much is a Madame Alexander doll worth?

Your Madame Alexander Dolls Could Be Worth Thousands. Some vintage dolls are selling for $20,000. Yay, it’s yard sale and flea market season!

Are China dolls worth anything?

Antique porcelain dolls can be incredibly valuable. Some dolls from specific time periods have even made it into museums. In 2014, a porcelain doll sold for $300,000. Maybe you received porcelain dolls as gifts when you were a child.

What is the most expensive baby doll?

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Baby Dolls in the World:

Sr.No. Names Price
1 L`Oiseleur $ 6.25 Million
2 Madame Alexander Eloise $ 5 Million
3 Original G.I. $ 200000
4 Diamond Teddy Bear $ 193000

What is the most expensive Barbie doll in the world?

Stefani Canturi Barbie

How can I sell my old porcelain dolls?

Pawn shops are a great method for selling your antiques. Before you sell your doll, compare it to other dolls from the same manufacturer and time period. You can find price databases online, consult a doll collecting forum, or even check out a book at the library dedicated to dolls.

What do you do with collectible dolls?

If going through a doll professional didn’t work out or your collection doesn’t have much value, you can always…

  1. Have an estate/garage/yard sale.
  2. Sell through Social Media sites. Facebook has many groups for you to sell your dollies.
  3. Visit DollShowUSA.com to check out the doll shows in your area.