What was the purpose of Up From Slavery?

What was the purpose of Up From Slavery?

The purposes behind this book were well disguised, but noticeable if one takes the time to search them out. Washington wrote this book in order to not only share his life story, but to show that blacks can accomplish just as much as the whites, to promote the work of his school, and to spread his views on race and…

When did up from slavery take place?

An autobiography set in Alabama from the late 1850s to 1900; published in 1901. A self-trained African American leader recounts his early slave experience and his faith and beliefs as reflected in the Tuskegee Institute, a vocational school that he established for African Americans.

What is the main conflict that the narrator faces in Up From Slavery?

There is no single major conflict, but rather a number of minor ones, primarily involving money: his lack of funds to pay for his education at Hampton, the lack of money for buildings or teaching supplies at Tuskegee, and so on.

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What did Washington learn about Mrs Ruffner’s way of doing things?

Washington learns order and cleanliness from Mrs. Ruffner, as well as a notion of accountability. Throughout his text, Washington will emphasize the humility, hard work and effort, and making the most out of what one has, as the proper modes for self-advancement.

Who was the owner of the salt furnace and coal mine?

Upon hearing of this school, Washington resolves to go to Hampton. Still, he continues to work at the coal-mine for some months before changing jobs to work for Mrs. Viola Ruffner, the wife of General Lewis Ruffner, the man who owns both the coal-mine and the salt-furnace.

Why did Booker T Washington travel 500 miles on foot to Virginia?

Booker heard about Hampton Institute over 500 miles away in eastern Virginia. He wanted to attend. In 1872, at the age of 16, with only the money he had earned doing extra domestic work, Booker started for Hampton Institute. After his train tickets ran out, he walked the remaining miles.

What did Washington learn in the salt furnace?

He learned the equally valuable lesson that freedom could not be conferred by a piece of paper, that the poor and the oppressed were not free. He learned to work as a free youth far harder than he had had to work as a slave child.

How did Washington feel about Mrs Ruffner?

Following other jobs of manual labor including working in the salt mines, he served as the Ruffner family’s houseboy. According to the first of his autobiographies, Up From Slavery, Mrs. Washington expresses his extreme respect and utmost regard for Ruffner, calling her “one of the best friends I ever had.”

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How did Mrs Ruffner want things to be done?

Mrs Ruffner wanted everything clean and she wanted things should be done promptly and systematically. Washington learnt lessons in doing the assigned work with utmost sincerity. He understood the significance of dignity of labour. Mrs Ruffner taught him to maintain absolute cleanliness and work honestly.

What kind of work does Booker T Washington do for Mrs Ruffner?

Washington was employed by the Ruffners as a live-in servant, and he credits his time working for Mrs. Ruffner as key to his development of a strong work ethic and cleanliness.