What was the result of the Great Western Schism?

What was the result of the Great Western Schism?

Western Schism

A 14th-century miniature symbolizing the schism.
Date 1378–1417
Cause Election of two popes by the College of Cardinals in 1378 Election of a third pope by the Council of Pisa (1409)
Motive International rivalries in Catholic Europe
Outcome Reunification of Catholic Church in 1415–1429

What was the central conflict in the Great Schism quizlet?

What was the central conflict in the Great Schism? French Catholics and their allies supported the idea that the pope should be French and live in Avignon, while Italians and their allies thought the pope should be Italian and live in Rome.

What was a result from the Great Schism quizlet?

The Great Schism of 1054 was the breakup of the Christian church into two sections—the Western and the Eastern sections. The major effect of the Great Schism was that it created two separate churches: the Eastern Orthodox Church which was located in Constantinople and the Western Catholic Church.

What happened to wages as a result of the plague?

The lords had to make changes in order to make the situation more profitable for the peasants and so keep them on their land. In general, wages outpaced prices and the standard of living was subsequently raised. As a consequence of the beginning of blurring financial distinctions, social distinctions sharpened.

Why were goods more expensive during the plague?

Workers demanded higher wages, which increased prices. People wanted to buy more goods to feel better while sick. More people were participating in trade, increasing their prices.

How did most workers lives improve after the plague?

With as much as half of the population dead, survivors in the post-plague era had more resources available to them. Historical documentation records an improvement in diet, especially among the poor, DeWitte said. “They were eating more meat and fish and better-quality bread, and in greater quantities,” she said.