What were negative effects of urbanization during the industrial revolution?

What were negative effects of urbanization during the industrial revolution?

As more and more people came to the cities as a result of urbanization, there was more waste and more factories polluting the air and now people planting plants in the country to have new fresh air. As a result the world has gotten steadily more and more polluted to the point of the threat of global worming today.

What is meant by environmental factors?

An environmental factor, ecological factor or eco factor is any factor, abiotic or biotic, that influences living organisms. Abiotic factors include ambient temperature, amount of sunlight, and pH of the water soil in which an organism lives.

How does environmental factors affect mental health?

In addition, people are also exposed to numerous environments. These environmental exposures (e.g., green space, noise, air pollution, weather conditions, housing conditions) might trigger mental disorders or be protective factors, facilitating stress reduction, mental recovery, etc.

What are the environmental factors that influence microbes and explain?

Warmth, moisture, pH levels and oxygen levels are the four big physical and chemical factors affecting microbial growth. In most buildings, warmth and moisture are the biggest overall issues present. Dampness is a big player in the growth of fungi.

What are the environmental factors that affect communication?

Physical/Environmental Barriers

  • The major environmental / physical barriers are Time, Place, Space, Climate and Noise.
  • Time: Time has an important role in a communication process.
  • Every concern has to choose a fast channel of communication with good alternatives.
  • Space: Space plays an important role in an oral communication situation.

How does temperature affect communication?

Answer Expert Verified If it is hot then the person/people communicating may sweat which comes across as being nervous. If it is too hot then the people/person may feel a little dehydrated and so not have that energy or moisture in there mouth to speak well.

How does seating affect communication?

Seating and proximity can be a barrier to communication if the speaker and listener aren’t facing each other and if they are too far away or too close.

How culture affects communication process?

Cultural differences causes behavior and personality differences like body language, thinking, communication, manners, norms, etc. which leads to miscommunication. For example, in some cultures eye contact is important whereas in some it is rude and disrespectful.

What is an unsafe working temperature?

To protect employees from having to work in uncomfortable temperatures, OSHA recommends that employers keep the thermostat between 68 and 78 degrees. OSHA regulations do kick in, however, when temperatures are so severe that they could lead to heat stress, hypothermia or other dangerous conditions.

What is an unsafe working condition?

An unsafe work environment occurs when an employee is unable to perform her required daily duties because the physical conditions of the workplace are too dangerous. For instance, exposed wiring, broken equipment, hazardous materials, or asbestos could pose an unsafe working environment for employees.