Where could the poet see his childhood now?

Where could the poet see his childhood now?

Answer. Answer: The poet is able to find his childhood in his infant picture.

What does the poet mean by my mind was really mine?

By this poet mean that the can think independently can take his own decision. or. The time when he felt he was independent and his thoughts were his own and not of the others.

Does the poet miss his childhood or welcomes his teenager?

Answer. Answer: misses his child hood.

What is the poet obsessed with?

Answer: The poet, basically, seems to be obsessed about his childhood and, more so, about its loss. He feels very nostalgic and lament over the fact that his childhood will never come back.

Where did his childhood go?

Where did his childhood go? It went to some forgotten place that is hidden in a baby’s face. That was all that he knew and that was all that he remembered. In the poem ‘Childhood’, the poet is trying to realise the age when he lost his childhood, when he became mature enough to understand the worldly things.

Why does the poet regret for missing his childhood?

The poet regrets having lost the innocence that he had as a child. He feels that after he turned twelve, he realised that hell and heaven did not exist as had been taught to him. The poet could have lost his childhood when he realised that adults were hypocritical.

Why does the poet call it a forgotten place?

Why does the poet say that his childhood has gone to some forgotton place? In the final stanza the poet relents the fact that his childhood is no more than a distant memory. He is unable to recollect the innocence of his infancy. Thus, he feels that his childhood has withdrawn into a “forgotten place”.

When did my childhood go when I found my?

Read the stanza given below and answer the questions that follow: “When did my childhood go? Was it when I found my mind was really mine, To use whichever way I choose, Producing thoughts that were not those of other people But my own, and mine alone Was that the day!” i.