Where is Robin on her birthday?

Where is Robin on her birthday?

Birthday: Fall 21
Lives In: The Mountain
Address: 24 Mountain Road

How do you give a robin a wooden floor?

Once you have the copper Ax, meander around your property and crush up any tree stumps you find to get the Hardwood. Gather ten pieces and take them to Robin for your Journal reward of 500 gold.

Where can you find Robins?

She resides at 24 Mountain Road, in Pelican Town, with her husband Demetrius, daughter Maru, and son Sebastian. Robin is the town carpenter and runs her own Carpenter’s shop, at her home, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day except Tuesday, and part of Friday (closes early).

How do you make a Robin Wood Stardew Valley?

You can get it to complete by placing your hardwood in a chest then taking it back out. You can also get it to complete it by dropping the hardwood on the ground 1 at a time. (It doesn’t work if you drop them all at once.) At least this is how it works with the copper ore quest for Clint.

Can I buy hardwood from Robin?

Hardwood is a resource. Normal trees have a chance of dropping Hardwood with the Lumberjack Profession, this can be done with either any axe or any bombs. Robin may also gift you 25 Hardwood at the Feast of the Winter Star.

Does Robin get divorced in Stardew Valley?

Option 1 (the default) replaces the OG with her sister Veronica; Robin is divorced from Demetrius and living with Leah while Veronica helps run the carpentry shop for Robin. Veronica is an OC, though she’s mostly just Robin with some different colors and changed dialogue where appropriate.

Does Robin sell hardwood?

Robin sells wood, stone, and furniture. She will buy building-related Resources, namely Clay, Fiber, Hardwood, Stone, and Wood (all other Resources are purchased by the Blacksmith instead). She will begin construction the day after buildings are purchased, but she does not work on festival days.

How do I get to the Secret Woods Stardew?

To unlock the Secret Woods, you must first upgrade your Axe to Steel or higher. You’ll find information on acquiring metals for the upgrade on the linked tools page. Once this is done, you can smash the log blocking the entrance. Bring a weapon, your hoe, and with your axe for this trip.

How do I give Robin her AXE?

Take the Axe to Robin at Carpenter’s Shop, north of Pelican Town. She is usually found there most of the days. Give it to her like you would give a present to any NPC.

Where did Robin lose her AXE?

Robins lost AXE quest: Robin lost her axe south of Marnie’s ranch in Stardew Valley. She remembers using her axe to cut some woods south of Marnie’s ranch. You need to find her axe and return it to her in order to complete this quest.

Where is Robin’s favorite AXE Stardew Valley?

Cindersap Forest

How do you get a new AXE in Stardew Valley?

The axe, pickaxe, water can, and hoe can all be upgraded at the blacksmith, whose shop is located near the bridge at the bottom right of the town. Take the bridge then head north to see his shop. Bring your tool to the Blacksmith (open 9-5), along with several thousand gold and five metal bars.

Are Iridium tools worth it?

Iridium hoe is very useful when you get some levels of the mines/caverns with large sand patches to excavate for artifacts/clay/carrots/other loot. Iridium watering can is useful if you still have sizeable areas not yet covered by sprinklers, or for the first day of a season watering all the newly tilled plots.

What order should I upgrade Stardew tools?

By visiting Clint, the blacksmith in the southeast end of town, you can upgrade the following tools: your pickaxe, your axe, your trash can, your watering can, and your hoe. The upgrades always go in this order: basic to copper, copper to steel, steel to gold, and gold to iridium. Each level cannot be skipped.

What does the Iridium pickaxe do?

Breaks copper and iron nodes in 1 hit, gold nodes in 2 hits, and iridium nodes in 4 hits. Can break rocks in the Skull Cavern in one hit.

What does a gold pickaxe do in Stardew?

Uses. The pickaxe can be used on rocks to break them. Certain rocks have shards of crystals jutting out of them, which the pickaxe can be used on to get ores and gems. The pickaxe can also be used on tilled soil to return it to untilled soil.

What does copper AXE do Stardew?

The copper axe allows you to break the large stumps on your farm. It reduces the hits needed to chop down trees. The steel axe allows you to break the logs on your farm.

Is there an end to Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley has no official end to it. You can keep playing for as long as you like. The closest thing the game has to an ending is getting a perfect evaluation by your grandfather.

Does your kid grow up in Stardew Valley?

Children never grow up past the Toddler stage (Stage 4). Your spouse will also take your children when they’re at least in the toddler stage to events such as the Stardew Valley Fair where they can be found walking around your spouse.

Do you die in Stardew Valley?

You can’t die in Stardew Valley. You can pass out from lack of energy or staying up past 2:00 am, which then you are brought to your bed and fined a certain amount of money by JojaMart. You can also “die” when mining (or on the wilderness farm), which happens when you lose all your health.

Do animals die in Stardew?

Animals can’t die of old age or lack of food. So the short answer is yes, your animals can die in Stardew Valley, but it’s very unlikely and you kind of have to work hard to make it happen. Assuming you’re playing the original game and not a modded version of it.

Can your chickens die in Stardew?

Food. Farm animals who live in barns and coops need to eat every day, one “portion” per animal. They can eat either fresh grass (if allowed outside) or hay (if kept inside or are unable to find grass). They do not die if not fed, but become upset and cease production of animal products until feeding resumes.

How do cows get pregnant in Stardew Valley?

Cows will become pregnant by themselves without any action by the player. During the night, the player will receive a notice that their animal gave birth. To prevent pregnancy, it can be disabled through the animal information screen (which also shows heart level).

Can animals get sick in Stardew Valley?

Nah, the animals live forever. You can stop feeding them for a few years, and they won’t die. However, they will be unhappy and not produce any stuff.

Can dogs die in Stardew Valley?

Is there a dead animal? Your livestock can die, but no dead bodies of animals are ever shown. You can have a dog as a pet, but neglecting it has no real effect.