Which country has the lowest food waste?

Which country has the lowest food waste?

France. As well as taking pride in its reputation as a gourmet nation, France can also be proud of its record in curbing food waste. The country has repeatedly earned the top spot in the Food Sustainability Index.

What age group wastes the most food?

WRAP carries out extensive research into household food waste, and it, too, has found that those aged 18–34 generate more avoidable waste than any other age group, nearly 50% more than those aged 65 and over.

Which country recycles the most 2020?

Top five best recycling countries

  1. Germany – 56.1% Since 2016, Germany has had the highest recycling rate in the world, with 56.1% of all waste it produced last year being recycled.
  2. Austria – 53.8%
  3. South Korea – 53.7%
  4. Wales – 52.2%
  5. Switzerland – 49.7%

Who produces the most garbage in the world?

Worldwide, the biggest producer of waste per capita is Canada. At an estimated 36.1 metric tons per year, this was 10 metric tons more per capita than the United States. Canada produces an estimated 1.33 billion metric tons of waste per year, with 1.12 billion metric tons of this generated by industrial waste.

Where is the biggest landfill in the world?


Is Coca Cola the biggest polluter?

For the third year in a row, Coca-Cola is the number one top global polluter with plastic waste among the most famous brands. In 2020, Break Free From Plastic organized 14,734 volunteers in 55 countries for 575 brand audits.

Is Coca Cola the largest polluter?

Coca-Cola KO, -0.29% was ranked the world’s No. 1 plastic polluter by Break Free From Plastic in its annual audit, turning up most frequently in 51 of 55 nations surveyed by a group of 15,000 volunteers who identified and catalogued the findings.

Is Coca Cola the worst polluter?

In December 2020, following global clean ups and brand audits, Coca-Cola was named the world’s worst plastic polluter for the third year in a row.

Is Nestle a big polluter?

Pepsico and Nestlé were close behind with over 5,000 in 43 countries and 8,000 in 37 countries, respectively. The group collected roughly 346,000 pieces of plastic, leading to Coca-Cola, Pepsico and Nestlé retaining their spots as the world’s worst plastics polluters for the third year in a row.

Who makes the most pollution?

Top 5 most polluting countries

  1. China (30%) The world’s most populated country has an enormous export market, which has seen its industry grow to become a serious danger to the planet.
  2. United States (15%) The world’s biggest industrial and commercial power.
  3. India (7%)
  4. Russia (5%)
  5. Japan (4%)

What is the most polluted place in the world?

Top 15 Most Polluted Cities in the World 2020

  • Raiwind, Pakistan- 92.2.
  • Greater Noida, India- 91.3.
  • Bandhwari, India- 90.5.
  • Lucknow, India- 90.3.
  • Lahore, Pakistan- 89.5.
  • Bulandshahr, Pakistan- 89.4.
  • Muzaffamagar, India- 89.1.
  • Bagpat, India- 88.6.