Which is the best gun in free fire for short range?

Which is the best gun in free fire for short range?

#1 MP40. The MP40 is a great weapon for short-range combat with a high fire-rate of 83, a shooting range of 22, and a damage rate of 48.

Can I use Octopus for free fire?

Play “Free Fire” With Mouse and Keyboard, Octopus Enables Peripherals with a Phone. Compatible with any mobile game, Octopus works both with Bluetooth and a cable.

Is Octopus app banned?

Most of these users when asked about the reason said they have no idea but used Octopus app from playstore to bind volume key on the side as their fire button in game. So beware if anybody is using Octopus app in here.

Is Octopus app safe?

NO HARDWARE DEPENDENCY, NO CRITICAL FAILURE POINTS. With the Octopus safety app, every employee in distress can send out an automatically geo-located distress call, cutting down on response time by emergency services and security forces.

How do I hide my cursor on Octopus?

ALT + P: From a list in card or list mode allows to show or hide the activity panel. ALT + L : Hides or shows the left section.

What is POV speed?

POV Speed is the camera speed of the game. Adjust this to what you are comfortable with. While you are there, scroll down a little bit and click this second radio button to make it so that when you click 0 (zero) key on your keyboard, game helper will open rather than you clicking on the blue button all the time.

Is Octopus a virus?

Octopus is malicious software and part of the Phobos ransomware family. It is designed to prevent victims from accessing their files by encrypting them with a cryptographic algorithm. To decrypt their files (obtain a decryption tool), victims are encouraged to pay a ransom to the cyber criminals who developed Octopus.

Is Octopus spyware?

I found it pretty suspicious when Octopus requested EVERY permission to run. Surprisingly, blocking Octopus stops PUBG from working. …

What does Octopus app do?

The Octopus App is the official application developed and managed by Octopus Cards Limited; available on both the Android and iOS platforms. Top up your Octopus cards anytime, anywhere, with money in your Octopus Wallet, or from your bank account through the Faster Payment System (FPS).

How do I put money on my Octopus card?

In the Octopus App, under “Wallet” section, please tap “Transfer in” > “Cash” > select the merchant, then show the QR code to cashier for scanning and pay by cash for the top up amount.

How do I check my octopus transaction?

How can I check the transaction records and remaining value of my Octopus? Every time you use your Octopus, the transaction amount and the remaining value will be shown on an Octopus reader or on a printed receipt.

How do you pay for the octopus app?

1. Open the “Octopus” App. Tap “Payment” 2. Tap the “QR Code” icon in the middle to start the QR Code Reader, or enter the 7 digit payment code.

Can iPhone read Octopus Card?

The Octopus Mobile Reader is designated for iOS mobile device users to read and write their Octopus. This Reader is for use on Bluetooth-enabled iOS mobile devices with the Octopus App installed.

What is Octopus payment?

The “Octopus Online Payment Service” is the first ever mobile payment solution that uses contactless smartcard to process online payments on Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled Android mobile devices (NFC Devices). Consumers select “Octopus” as the payment method on the online merchant’s payment page.