Who is an expressive person?

Who is an expressive person?

People with an Expressive SOCIAL STYLE tend to be more willing to make their feelings known to others. They can appear to react impulsively and openly show both positive and negative feelings. They are typically described by others as personable, talkative and sometimes opinionated.

What is the meaning of the word amiable?

1a : friendly, sociable, and congenial an amiable host amiable neighbors. b : generally agreeable an amiable comedy. 2 archaic : pleasing, admirable.

How do you describe amiable people?

Amiable. The amiable personality type is a very patient and well-balanced individual. They’re quiet but witty. They’re very sympathetic, kind, and inoffensive—amiables do not like to offend people. An amiable is easy going and everybody likes the amiables.

What are three synonyms for amiable?

other words for amiable

  • charming.
  • cheerful.
  • cordial.
  • delightful.
  • genial.
  • good-humored.
  • good-natured.
  • pleasant.

How do I become more amiable?

When dealing with an Amiable, be sure to be very sincere, ask about their family, friends, and themselves. If you trying to close some kind of deal with them, tell them of how whatever your selling (including yourself) will impact the people around them after they buy (they care about others).

What’s the opposite of flippant?

What is the opposite of flippant?

respectful civil
courteous polite
considerate humble
reverent deferential
dutiful reverential

What is another word for casual or relaxed?

What is another word for relaxed?

calm casual
blithe impassive
dispassionate at peace
stoical sober
comfortable agreeable

What is another word for casual and relaxed?

In this page you can discover 58 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for relaxed, like: comfortable, at-ease, laid-back, untroubled, relieved, worried, tightened, mellowed, natural, tensed and informal.

What do you call a laid-back person?

If you describe someone as laid-back, you mean that they behave in a calm relaxed way as if nothing will ever worry them. [informal] Everyone here has a really laid-back attitude. Synonyms: relaxed, calm, casual, together [slang] More Synonyms of laid-back.