Who is getting married in Act 2 of our town?

Who is getting married in Act 2 of our town?

Emily and George’s union is, at its core, about their mutual love for each other. The stage manager says that he’s performed hundreds of marriages, and that “once in a thousand times it’s interesting.” Newly married, George and Emily leave looking happy.

What does George want to do after high school in our town?

10. What does George want to do after high school?

  1. Study at Harvard.
  2. Take over his uncle’s farm.
  3. Become a doctor.
  4. Become a teacher.

What was Dr Gibbs afraid of when he got married?

Gibbs’ and his wedding, saying that he was scared and nervous. Mrs. Gibbs says she was too and tells him that “weddings are perfectly awful things,” and “farces.” The two talk more about how strange it feels for George to be marrying already, but Mrs.

What are the acts called in our town?

The First Act was called the Daily Life. This act is called Love and Marriage. There’s another act coming after this.

What does the stage manager ask Mr Webb to speak about?

The Stage Manager thanks and dismisses Professor Willard, then calls on Mr. Webb, the editor of the local paper, to give a “political and social report.” Mrs. Webb comes onstage to announce that her husband has been delayed because he has just cut his hand while slicing an apple.

Who is the woman in the balcony in our town?

Wendy Barrie-Wilson

What does Doc Gibbs ask everyone what does that tell you about the town?

what does the stage manager say about tombstones? what does doc Gibbs ask everyone? what does this tell you about the town? – he asks everyone, “how’re they doing/ feeling?”

How did Doc Gibbs die in our town?

Act III: Death and Eternity Gibbs (pneumonia, while traveling), Wally Webb (burst appendix, while camping), Mrs. Soames, and Simon Stimson (suicide by hanging). Town undertaker Joe Stoddard is introduced, as is a young man named Sam Craig who has returned to Grover’s Corners for his cousin’s funeral.

Why does Emily die in our town?

Emily has died from giving birth to her second child. She goes to the cemetery plot where her body will rest. Emily sits next to Mrs. Gibbs.

What does Mr Webb do for a living in our town?

Webb is a father, husband, and the editor of the local paper. Mr. Webb is also the political and social expert that the Stage Manager calls on to contextualize Grover’s Corners for the audience.

What is Joe Crowell job in our town?

Joe is the paper boy in the first act and also during the flashback, when Emily returns to life. A scholar at Massachusetts Tech, he is killed in France during World War I before he can use his education. Si Crowell Joe’s younger brother, who takes Joe’s job as paper boy in Act II to indicate the passage of time.