Who is Monty in tears of a tiger?

Who is Monty in tears of a tiger?

Monty Jackson is the six-year old little brother of Andy. He does not really understand what has been happening, as he is too young to be told about the drinking and driving accident in which Andy killed his best friend, Rob.

Who is Keisha in tears of a tiger?

In this lesson, we will learn more about Andy Jackson’s girlfriend, Keisha Montgomery, on whom Andy depends heavily after his accident in the novel ‘Tears of a Tiger’ by Sharon M. Draper.

Why does Monty put tears on his drawing of a tiger?

Why does Monty put tears on his drawing of a tiger? Because the Tiger was sad like Andy.

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Why did Sharon Draper write Tears of a Tiger?

Sharon Draper wrote Tears of a Tiger as a personal challenge to herself. She had been teaching high school and middle school for many years and just knew she “could write a book that they would love from the very first page” (Sharon Draper website). Draper definitely succeeded in her personal challenge.

Why did Keisha break up with Andy?

Romance Takes a Turn. Andy and Keisha seem to have a close, affectionate relationship, but things soon begin to get difficult after the car crash. Keisha tries to be there for Andy during his escalating depression, but his behavior gets increasingly erratic and she eventually breaks up with him.

What are some signs that Andy is struggling?

What are some signs that Andy is struggling? Answer: His stops doing homework, he has mood swings, he thinks about death often.

Why does BJ decide to go back to church?

Why does B.J. decide to go back to church? B.J. decided to go back to church and pray with his mom/church about the accident. He wanted to find comfort there.

Who does Monty compare to his picture of the tiger?

Why does Monty compare Andy to his picture of a tiger? The tiger is strong which reminds him of Andy’s basketball skills. The tiger has tears which reminds him of Andy’s sadness. The tiger is two-toned which minds him of the black & white dream.

Who is questioned first about the accident Tears of a Tiger?

Where does it say that Rhonda has love interest for Tyrone in the book Tears of a Tiger? The four boys in the car accident were Andy, Robert, BJ, and Tyrone. We first hear of the attraction between Tyrone and Rhonda before the car accident.

How does Andy identify with a tiger?

Andy identifies with a tiger after Monty draws one in class. The tiger in the picture is crying, which neatly expresses how Andy feels inside after the auto accident that claimed the life of his best friend Robbie. Andy also identifies with tigers as he feels trapped, like a caged animal in a zoo.

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Where did Gerald get the scar on his face Tears of a Tiger?

Gerald’s scar is the result of being thrown against the radiator.

How does Andy kill himself in tears of a tiger?

In Sharon M. Draper’s Tears of a Tiger, Andy’s depression stems from a car accident in which he was drinking and driving. This car accident results in the death of his best friend Rob. Let’s take a look at how this accident directly effects Andy and eventually leads to his suicide.

What 3 things would Gerald get rid of and why?

When asked what he would change about the world, Gerald has a strange list of things he would get rid of: peanut butter, Band-Aids, and five-dollar bills. Peanut butter is painful to Gerald because he remembers it as something that his mother used to give him as a treat in his lunch.

How many pages are in tears of a tiger?


What grade level is Tears of a Tiger?

Tears of a Tiger (Hazelwood High Trilogy)

Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 9 – 12 Grades 3 – 12 26282

What is the main conflict in tears of a tiger?

The external conflict is that Andrew has killed his best friend, Rob Washington, in a car accident because he was drunk. Their lives have been tied together since seventh grade. He now has to deal with Rob’s parents, his parents, the oher students, his friends, and his teachers when he returns.

Who is the main character in Tears of a Tiger?

Dr. Carrothers

What is the external and internal conflict of Tears of a Tiger?

The conflict in the novel Tears of a Tiger is both internal and external. The internal conflict Andy Jackson feels over his role in the death of his best friend Robbie Washington is all-consuming. There is a resolution to all the conflict in the story, but it is not the one we as readers are expecting or hoping for.

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What is the setting of Tears of a Tiger?

Tears of a Tiger takes place at Hazelwood High, a fictitious high school that does a very good job of coming across like it could be pretty much any high school in America. Draper is vague with the details about where things take place, making it easy for readers to relate to the story as it unfolds.

What conclusion can be drawn about Gerald’s stepdad?

What conclusions can be drawn about Gerald’s stepfather? He is a good, nice person.

How does Gerald react to the news that his mother plans to reenter his life?

How does Gerald react to the news that his mother plans to reenter his life? When hearing of the news of his mother’s return, Gerald heart felt tight and crunched inside his chest because he is angry, confused and frightened (30).

Who is to blame for Eva Smith’s death?

Who is most responsible for the death of Eva Smith? Mrs Birling is to blame because she is cruel and snobbish.

How is Eric responsible for Eva’s death?

Eric the changed man Eric was part of the ‘chain of events’ that led to Eva Smith’s death, by having a fling with her and getting her pregnant. At the start of the play, he was just like the others – abusing his power over a working class girl.

How much money did Eric steal from his father?

The Inspector asks Eric how much he gave her, and he replies that it was about fifty pounds. Birling, startled, asks where it came from, and Eric reveals that he stole it from Birling’s office.