Who is the Anemo God?

Who is the Anemo God?


Did Fu Hua Die?

They were one of the few survivors of the Old World. HUA became immortal, though Nuwa and Fuxi did not. Somewhere along the way, she lost her immortality and her powers, and her memories were repressed, preventing her from protecting China.

Is Paimon the God?

Paimon is not the unknown god. The picture came to light when some users posted a picture of Paimon, claiming her to be the unknown god challenging the main character/ Lumine in a boss fight.

Is Paimon a boy or girl Genshin impact?

Paimon is a female NPC in Genshin Impact that follows you around and will act as your guide for the continent of Teyvat.

How do I make Paimon mad?

The trick is to switch the audio slider, so that Paimon repeats the phrase over, and over again. Given enough tries, Paimon gets angry, and you unlock the achievement.

Who is the god in the beginning of Genshin impact?

The unknown god

Is Childe a bad guy Genshin?

Tartaglia (in Chinese: 达达利亚, Dádálìyǎ), also known by his title Childe, real name Ajax, is a major antagonist and an anti-villain in Genshin Impact and a playable 5-stars character starting from the 1.1 Patch as a Hydro-type character and belonging to bow-type of weapon class.

Are monsters truly evil by nature Genshin?

Are monsters truly evil by nature? We who would protect our way of life, are we but making blind judgements on good and evil based on what our small minds can conceive?

Where is Mt Aozang cave?


How do I get to adeptus abode?

Long story short, you need to align three divine birds with Qingyung Peak and activate a shrine. After doing this, you can teleport to the Qingyun Peak waypoint, and use the wind vents to boost yourself up to the floating rock above. This area is known as adeptus’ abode.

What food do you offer to the adeptus?

Make Delicious Jewelry Soup. Offer the soup to the adeptus by interacting with the table. Go to the Domain nearby and interact with it to speak with the Cloud Retainer.

Where are the three birds Genshin impact?

It tells you of Three Divine Birds atop the mountains in the area. These mountain peaks and Three Divine Birds refer to those found on Mount Hulao, Mount Aozang, and the one just beside the Statue of the Seven (Geo) near your current location.

Is Zhongli still a God?

Zhongli is the God of Contracts who values fairness over everything else. He is the oldest archon and, despite his decision to retire, is able to still easily hold his own in combat.