Who is the writer of nonsense?

Who is the writer of nonsense?

Edward Lear (12 May 1812, Holloway – 29 January 1888, Sanremo) was an English artist, illustrator, musician, author and poet, now known mostly for his literary nonsense in poetry and prose and especially his limericks, a form he popularised.

Who wrote the book of nonsense?

Edward Lear

Who is Edward Lear for kids?

The English humorist Edward Lear made famous the limerick form of verse and illustrated his work with amusing pictures. The gentle, friendly man was always fond of children, and most of his writing was done for their pleasure. Edward Lear was born May 12, 1812, in London. He was the youngest in a family of 21 children.

Which kind of poem is Edward Lear associated with?

the limerick

Where is Edward Lear from?

Holloway, London, United Kingdom

What is Mr Lear profession?

Answer: How pleasant to know Mr. Lear! During his lifetime, Edward Lear (1812–1888) was a well-established artist and illustrator who did colored drawings of birds and animals, beginning his career as an ornithological draftsman for the British Zoological Society and then working as an artist for the British Museum.

How do you find Mr Lear?

His mind is concrete and fastidious, His nose is remarkably big; His visage is more or less hideous, His beard it resembles a wig.

Why does Mr Lear weep by the ocean?

Lear. However, in my opinion, this poem seems to be a poem to write about him when I read about the wig-like beard. The description about he weeps by the side of ocean and he weeps on the top of hill. Weep emphasizes the painful feelings about Lear.

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