Why are fables so important?

Why are fables so important?

Classic fables are not only highly entertaining, they also play an important role in highlighting and demonstrating character traits. For centuries, fables served the crucial role of communicating a shared history, reinforcing a culture’s values and calling attention to important traditions.

What is the moral of kabuliwala?

Answer. The theme of “Kabuliwala” is mainly friendship. Apart, from their friendship, the relation of a father and a daughter has been portrayed very nicely. There are two such father-daughter relations mentioned in the story, Mini and her father and Rahamat and his daughter.

What do you learn from the story kabuliwala?

Lesson Summary A story’s message, or theme, is what the author wants to teach you through his or her writing. Some stories have a specific kind of message called a moral, or a life lesson. You can find the message of a story by looking at the characters’ actions and focusing on what is repeated throughout the story.

Who is the main character of kabuliwala?

Rehmat (Chhabi Biswas), a middle-aged fruit seller from Afghanistan comes to Calcutta to hawk his merchandise and befriends a small Bengali girl called Minnie (Tinku Thakur) who reminds him of his own daughter back in Afghanistan.

What is the conflict in the story kabuliwala?

Conflict: Mini thinks that Cabuliwallah kidnaps children and put inside his bag. 16. Complication: They became close friends and they began talking about to “father in law’s house’ and their friendship worries much the mother of Mini.

What is the Cabuliwallah real name?

Abdur Rahman

What is the point of view of the story Cabuliwallah?

Point of View The narrator tells the story in third-person point of view where he relates all action in third person, using third person pronouns such as “he” or “she.” Here is an example of the narrator’s third person commentary: Just then, Mr. Ramachandran came into the kitchen and beckoned to his wife.

What is the summary of Cabuliwallah?

The Cabuliwallah is a story written by the legendary Bengali writer Rabindranath Tagore. The Cabuliwallah revolves around the stories of two friends a peddler and a small stunning girl Mini. The peddler, Abdur Rahman is from Kabul, Afghanistan and he used to sell seasonal goods in India.

What does the Kabuliwallah go to jail for?

All of a sudden disaster struck the Kabuliwala. He was arrested and sentenced to several years of incarceration for stabbing one of his customers who owed him money. After his release from the jail, the Kabuliwala went to Mini’s house to meet her.

Why was kabuliwala so attached to narrator’s daughter?

Rahamat slouched on the floor with a long, deep sigh for he realised that his own daughter back home in Afghanistan, must have grown up like Mini. He carried her small imprint with him always. He was so attached to Mini because he saw his own little daughter in her.

What is an important theme of the Cabuliwallah?

The correct answer is “The bond between fathers and daughters is sacred and everlasting.”

Who are the characters in the Cabuliwallah?

  • The Narrator.
  • Rahamat / The “Kabuliwala”
  • Mini.
  • The Narrator’s Wife / Mini’s Mother.
  • Parvati.

What are two meanings of the father in laws house?

Mini saw him asked whether he was going to his father-in-laws’s house without fully understanding the meaning. The Kabuliwala replied yes meaning the prison as the term In-law had a double meaning, one is the marriage relation and the other denoting the prison and police.

What is Mini’s father’s occupation from the Cabuliwallah?

Mini’s father is an author, and the Cabuliwallah (Rahman) is a peddler.

What does the Cabuliwallah sadly realize at the end of the Cabuliwallah when he sees mini dressed in her red silk wedding sari?

What does the Cabuliwallah sadly realize at the end of “The Cabuliwallah,” when he sees Mini dressed in her red silk wedding sari? that he has intruded upon Mini’s wedding day c. that his own daughter, too, has grown up while he was in prison d.

How did the Cabuliwallah change after coming from jail?

After his release from the jail, the Kabuliwala went to Mini’s house to meet her. However, He found that Mini had grown up, and it was her wedding day. Mini’s father was not happy to see the Kabuliwala on that day and considered it inauspicious to let him see Mini.

What was it about mini which her father enjoyed but the mother didn t?

Answer: Mini’s mother was very concerned for her child. She didn’t like the relationship between Mini and Kabuliwala. She always told Mini’s father to keep an eye on the Kabuliwala because she thought that the Kabuliwala may kidnap her little daughter.