Why are stomata on the underside?

Why are stomata on the underside?

To reduce exposure, stomata are found on the underside of the leaves. They are protected from the sun as excessive heat can increase the rate of water vapor leaving and thus wither the plant. Stomata also have guard cells around the epidermis that close when too much water is being lost.

Why are the stomata in most plants more numerous on the lower surface of a leaf instead of being on the upper surface?

The lower surface of leaf is sheltered from direct sunlight. If more stomata are on the upper surface of a leaf, then excessive transpiration would occur, resulting in quick wilting of the plant. Hence most plants have more numerous stomata on the lower surface of a leaf to control the rate of transpiration.

Which has more stomata upper or lower epidermis?

Explanation: All surfaces of the leaf have some amount of stomata for regulating gas exchange for photosynthesis. However, the lower epidermis (the underside of the leaf) has more, because it is more often in the shade and so it is cooler, which means evaporation won’t take place as much.

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What factors affect the rate of water loss from a plant?

The rate of transpiration is affected by several factors, including:

  • temperature.
  • humidity.
  • wind speed.
  • light intensity.

What happens to water in a plant?

Transpiration is the loss of water from a plant in the form of water vapor. Water is absorbed by roots from the soil and transported as a liquid to the leaves via xylem. In the leaves, small pores allow water to escape as a vapor. Of all the water absorbed by plants, less than 5% remains in the plant for growth.

How does osmosis affect our daily life?

Osmosis has a number of life-preserving functions: it assists plants in receiving water, it helps in the preservation of fruit and meat, and is even used in kidney dialysis. In addition, osmosis can be reversed to remove salt and other impurities from water.

Can you drink hypotonic water?

Regardless, for blue collar and industrial workers losing significant quantities of water due to sweating, choosing a hypotonic drink – such as THORZT – is likely to offer the quickest route back to hydration and good health. Hypotonic drinks cause blood cells to swell as they absorb fluid faster than they lose it.

Is diarrhea hypertonic or hypotonic?

Hypertonic dehydration is most common in infants, older adults, and those who are unconscious. The most common causes are diarrhea, high fever, and vomiting.