Why did Burnham destroy the suit?

Why did Burnham destroy the suit?

It was meant to be a way for Spock to know she had made it and that their plan had succeeded. And by destroying the suit, there was no means for Control to acquire the technology to hunt down the Discovery in 3199 or whatever year she jumped to.

How will I know fear if I don’t know what it looks like?

“Tomorrow,” said the master, “you will know fear.” The young soldier, who had not yet experienced the agony of war, looked at the general with quizzical eyes. “How will I know fear if I do not know what it looks like?” The general replied, “You will know fear, because it speaks very fast, and it speaks very loud. -…

Do Spock and Michael make up?

When Pike and Spock visited this planet three years ago (ie. Talos is also home to a human woman called Vina, who had a brief affair with Pike before the Enterprise left. Vina stayed behind, so when Michael and Spock show up, she’s still there – complete with 1960s makeup and a minidress.

Does Michael leave Discovery?

Aboard the Discovery, which was under the control of the Emerald Chain, Michael freed herself and Cleveland Booker (David Ajala) from captivity and fought their way through the starship, Die Hard-style.

Will Stamets forgive Michael?

It’s a hopeful conclusion to a dramatic season and co-showrunner Michelle Paradise promises that there will be good things to look forward to in Star Trek: Discovery Season 4. For starters, she confirmed that Paul Stamets will eventually forgive Michael Burnham for what she did to him.

Why did Discovery jump to the future?

The rationale for such a drastic move was the fact that the sphere data bonded to the Discovery’s computer. Michael realized the only way to keep that information away from Control was to remove the Discovery from the 23rd century altogether by taking the entire starship containing the data into the unexplored future.

What was the most successful Star Trek series?

Star Trek: Discovery (2017 – present) Star Trek: Discovery is the franchise’s current “flagship show.” Three seasons in, the show is definitely a mixed bag. On the pro side: the cast—headed by Sonequa Martin-Green—is truly fantastic, and it has the best production value of any Trek to date.

How does James T Kirk die?

warp core radiation poisoning

What does NCC stand for on the enterprise?

Naval Construction Contract