Why did Emily pray to Diana?

Why did Emily pray to Diana?

Emily prays to Diana to be spared marriage to either Palamon or Arcite, praying instead to remain a maiden always. Arcite prays to Mars for victory in the tournament.

Why does the knight tell his tale first?

The Knight’s Tale comes first because he has drawn the shortest straw of the group, although the narrator’s comment that the Knight drew the shortest straw “[were] it by aventure, or sort, or cas [whether by chance, luck, or destiny]” seems to suggest that he feels that it was not by chance at all that the Knight tells …

What lesson does the Knight learn?

The knight has learned that by letting himself give over all control to his wife, whom he is very happy with, he is very content.

How do the Knights get freed?

How do the Knights get freed? Palamon is pardoned, and Arcite escapes. Arcite is pardoned, and Palamon escapes. They knock out the guard, steal his keys, and run out of the castle.

What do knights decide?

The knight decides to turn the decision-making over to his wife, who rewards him for yielding sovereignty by becoming young, beautiful, and faithful.

Why do arcite and Palamon envy each other?

So when Perotheus asks Theseus to release Arcite from prison, the Duke agrees. He’s sure that being banished from Athens is worse than being in prison. The tower prison was actually paradise. He’s even jealous of Palamon, because Palamon can still lay eyes on the beautiful Emily.

Why is Arcita jealous of Palamon?

Arcite’s jealousy of Palamon makes him fight harder than a mother tiger looking after her threatened cubs, while Palamon’s desire to kill Arcite makes him more ferocious than the hungriest lion. Both are after blood, which streams down both their faces.

What is arcite and Palamon job social class?

They were found after a battle and taken as prisoners by Theseus. They were born into slavery because their families are peasants. What is Arcite & Palamon’s job / social class? He has to work as a servant for Theseus.

Which of the Knights is more deserving of Emily’s hand in marriage?


What happens when Palamon and arcite meet in the woods?

What happens when Palamon and Arcite meet in the woods? What does Theseus determine about their fates? Palamon told Arcite he is a traitor and that Palamon is the only on to love Emily. Palamon and Arcite agree to fight until one dies.

How did arcite and Palamon become King Theseus prisoners?

How did Arcite and Palamon become Theseus’s prisoners? They fought against Theseus and were wounded. After the battle, they were brought to Theseus, and he declared them his prisoners forever. He found them fighting in his woods, trespassing on his lands, so he put them in his towers as prisoners.