Why did Harappans worship gods with human and animal forms?

Why did Harappans worship gods with human and animal forms?

In addition to the worship of Shiva and Shakti both in human and symbolic forms, the Harappan people followed the practice of worship of stones, trees and animals because they believe them to be the abode of various spirits good or bad.

How did historians conclude that Harappans Worshipped Shiva?

There are many seals to support the evidence of the Indus Valley Gods. Some seals show animals which resemble the two gods, Shiva and Rudra. Figurines found led the scholars to believe that the Indus people worshipped a Mother Goddess symbolising fertility.

Which was the main deity of Harappa?


Is Harappa a God?

We can be sure that, like Enki and Varuna, the Harappan “Proto-Siva” was not merely the god of waters, but had other important aspects as well. It seems probable that he was also the god of death and fertility: the buffalo, fish and alligator associated with the Indus deity had such associations later.

Why were seals used in Indus Valley?

What were the seals used for in the Indus Valley? Seals were utilized to make a fixing, or positive engraving while doing trade. Sealings were utilized as a part of antiquated circumstances for exchange. Each seal is engraved in a pictographic content which is yet to be deciphered.

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