Why did the Treaty of Verdun happen?

Why did the Treaty of Verdun happen?

Treaty of Verdun, (August 843), treaty partitioning the Carolingian empire among the three surviving sons of the emperor Louis I (the Pious). The treaty was the first stage in the dissolution of the empire of Charlemagne and foreshadowed the formation of the modern countries of western Europe.

Did the Treaty of Verdun fulfill its purpose?

The Treaty of Verdun was made to stop conflicts between Louis the Pious’ sons over who would rule the Carolingian Empire. The treaty split the empire between the three and stopped the war, but did not resolve conflicts, seeing as one of those sons’ son, Lothar II, then tried to conquer more of the empire for himself.

Who established Missi Dominici?

Their institution dates from the Carolingians Charles Martel and Pippin III the Short, who sent out officials to see their orders executed. When Pippin became king in 754 he sent out missi in a desultory fashion.

What does the general Capitulary for the Missi reveal about Charlemagne’s vision of himself and his empire?

What does this document reveal about Charlemagne’s vision of himself and his empire? People of his empire must live under the Christian beliefs and it is central to both Charlemagne’s vision of himself and his empire, because you must behave in a mannered way and respect the rules under the Christian faith.

What was the effect of the Missi Dominici system?

These were called missi dominici, or servants of the lord. Their purpose was to act as inspectors general, investigating the behavior of royal officials and reporting back to the court. As direct emissaries of the king, they carried all the prestige of Charlemagne and the implied threat of his power.

How did monks and nuns spread Christianity?

Q: How did monks and nuns help to spread Christianity throughout Europe? A: Through missionary activities. A: Christian churches had been established in most of the major cities of the Eastern part of the Roman Empire, mainly attracting members from the Jewish and Greek speaking populations.