Why does Connie leave with Arnold friend?

Why does Connie leave with Arnold friend?

This fear, this defense that Connie has developed, is another reason that she ends up with Arnold Friend in the end. Her insecurity, her low self-esteem, and her fear of intimacy all aid her in her unconscious decision to leave her house and go with the devious Arnold Friend in his gold convertible jalopy.

What do the numbers 33 19 17 mean in Where Are You Going Where have you been?

In interpreting the numbers 33, 19, 17, which are painted on the side of Arnold Friend’s jalopy in Joyce Carol Oates’s story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” (in The Wheel of Love and Other Stories [New York: Vanguard Press, 1970]), Mark Robson claims that there exists an allusion to Judges 19:17–the number …

What do the numbers on Arnold friend’s car really represent?

When Connie asks him what the stuff painted on his car means, Arnold goes through the various sayings and eventually comes to the numbers 33,19, 17. He tells Connie, “Now, these numbers are a secret code, honey” (1007).

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Why was Connie alone in the house when Arnold friend visited her?

Why was Connie alone in the house when Arnold Friend visited her? She did not want to go to the barbecue with her family.

What did Arnold Friend do to Connie?

Arnold Friend calls himself Connie’s “lover” and hints at his sexual intentions, disturbing and upsetting Connie. She backs away from the door into the house and Arnold Friend steps onto her porch. As he does, he almost falls, as his boots don’t seem to fit his feet.

What is the moral of Where Are You Going Where have you been?

The main themes of “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” are appearance versus reality, the embodiment of evil, and self-sacrifice. Appearance vs. reality: Both Connie and Arnold have two-sided natures, presenting an appealing self when necessary and withholding another.

Why is Where Are You Going Where have you been dedicated to Bob Dylan?

Joyce Carol Oates dedicated “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” to Bob Dylan, and she has claimed that the story was influenced by Dylan’s haunting song “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.” The story contains echoes of the song’s lyrics, such as the following: “The vagabond who’s rapping at your door / Is standing …

What is the sacred building in where are you going?

The Sacred Building Oates is describing the secular religion of a teenaged American, suburban culture. Instead of going to church, Connie visits a chain restaurant; instead of praying, she listens to music.

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What does Arnold’s friend Ellie hold?

Arnold Friend’s sidekick, Ellie is passive and quietly disturbing character in the story. He sits in the passenger seat of Friend’s car holding the transistor radio.

Where are you going where have been summary?

It’s summer, and fifteen-year-old Connie spends much of her time lounging around the house, going out with friends, and meeting boys. She’s a little vain, spends way too much time looking at herself in the mirror, and is perpetually annoyed with her entire family—especially her mom and older sister.

Is Connie static or dynamic?

As the character analysis of Connie in “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” proves, even if Connie does not leave her house and does not go out with Arnold, she understands that independence is not what she has believed to be. This realization of some facts makes her a dynamic character.