Why does the poet say wind god winnows?

Why does the poet say wind god winnows?

Ans:-the poet says the wind God winnows because the poet makes fun of the weaklings. The poet says that the wind god winnows the weak crumbling houses, doors, rafters, wood, bodies, lives and hearts, and then crushes them all.

Why does the poet want us to be friends with the wind?

The poet want us to befriend with wind because wing mighty and Supreme and only befriend with strong ones and destroyes its enemies and weak ones. To be friend with wind, poet says that be should be strong and should move with wind then only we can befriend of wind and wind can help us.

Can wind ever be friends with us?

Can wind ever be friends with us ? Answer: Wind, literally, can be our friend. Wind is a phenomenon which teaches us to be strong.

How does the wind poke fun at weaklings?

The wind pokes fun at weaklings by crumbling their lives,crumbling their houses,rafters,and causing devastation.It winnows the weaklings out of the the strong ones and crushes them all.

What does the wind poke fun at * 1 point a weak houses and weak doors b any living or non living thing that is weak and crumbling?

b)Weak rafters and weak wood. c)Weak hearts and weak bodies. d)Any living or non-living thing that is weak and crumbling. Correct answer is option ‘D’.

What does the wind symbolize in the above lines?

Explanation: The wind symbolizes the brutal and raw power of nature, the wind god is symbol of strength and might, he despises weaklings and makes fun of them. Weaklings mean crumbling doors, frail houses, aged persons, these are the main targets of winds. He befriends only the strong ones.

What did the wind whisper to fields of corn Why?

Answer: Wind whisper to fields of corn to bow their heads to greet the coming morning as the light of the sun is the source of life to the plants of the fields. They are looked after and nourished by it. They should be grateful to the sun. So the wind tells them to bow down their heads and express their gratitude.

What did the wind urge the Bell answer?

11.. What did the wind urge the bell? Ans : The wind urged the bell to proclaim the hour.

Why didn’t the wind want to disturb the ones lying in the graves in the churchyard?

The wind slowed down in the churchyard not to disturb the dead who are already buried there. It advised them to lie still as their time of waking had not yet come. Coming to the churchyard the wind slowed down as it realised that the dead buried over there were lying still waiting for the Judgement day.

What does the wind ask the wood bird to do?

Answer: The wind touched the folded wings of ‘wood-bird’ in the poem “Daybreak”. Ans: – The wind asks the bird to wake up and sing to welcome the new day.

Where does the wind finally go?

Answer. The wind, personified in Longfellow’s poem ‘Daybreak’, crosses the churchyard.

Who blows all day long?

The Wind by Robert Louis Stevenson. O wind, a-blowing all day long, O wind, that sings so loud a song!