Why is American Samoa not a state?

Why is American Samoa not a state?

The exception are persons born in American Samoa β€” a U.S. territory since 1900 β€” who hold an obscure and discriminatory status as β€œnon-citizen nationals.” In December, a Utah federal court rightly held that because American Samoa is a U.S. territory and part of the United States, the Constitution’s Citizenship Clause …

How much does a house cost in American Samoa?

Price of an apartment rent or sale in USD American Samoa United States

Country Property Rate / 1 Room
American Samoa Apartment 900 USD / month
American Samoa Apartment 180000 USD
American Samoa House 1200 USD / month
American Samoa House 240000 USD

Why is Samoa so poor?

However, around 20 percent of Samoans do live under the national poverty line. The causes of poverty in Samoa ultimately boil down to lack of access to education, youth unemployment and underemployment, gender inequity and threats to natural resources and farming land like natural disasters.

Can US citizens buy property in American Samoa?

Citizens of the United States are allowed indefinite visa free entry into American Samoa. However a passport is still needed for entry. Land ownership It is against the law for any person whose blood is less than one-half Samoan to own land in American Samoa.

How did the US get American Samoa?

American Samoa became a U.S. territory by deed of cession, starting in 1900. The matai (local chiefs) of Tutuila, the largest island in American Samoa, ceded the island to the United States in 1900. Authority over American Samoa was initially placed with the U.S. Navy which oversaw the territory until 1951.

Can foreigners buy land in American Samoa?

Customary land can be leased to foreigners but cannot be bought nor sold except to government for public purposes.

Can you buy land in Samoa?

Buying or dealing in land Land in Samoa is categorized as being freehold land (privately owned), public land (owned by Government) and customary land (owned communally in accordance with traditional custom and usage). Customary land may be leased, but cannot be sold or mortgaged. Public land may also be leased.

Can I own land in American Samoa?

Over 90 percent of American Samoa’s total land area is “customary land,” communally owned by families or clans and passed on from generation to generation. The existing law on land tenure prohibits the transfer of land ownership, except freehold land, to any person whose blood is less than one-half Samoan.